Micro-Current Technology

Jennifer Lopez recently purchased a Caci Ultra Micro-Current machine for her home ($20K+) and loves it. Micro-Current technology relaxes and moisturizes your skin, making your complexion look ratiant and revitalized. Toning facial muscles back to their ideal location; giving a non-invasive face lift. Who wouldn’t want all that magic?

Ultrasonic Ultimate Cleansing Technology, for lack of a better term,  creates a mini “earthquake” on the skin’s surface, rattling everything loose and bringing impurities to the surface–eventually blasting them off using sound waves.  Utilizing no vacuum, crystals, or abrasive material, a stainless steel spatula is applied to the skin, vibrating between 17,000 and 25,000 movements per second.  A toner-type product is applied before using the wand–which then allows for easy removal of the impurities and dead skin cells.  The specialty product also aids in calming the skin. Followed by LED light, product penetration, and lifting techniques (see video below for demo). This is the best way to become a better version of yourself!

Originally perfected over 20 years ago, Micro-Current technology has played significant roles in the esthetic marketplace ever since.  Today we’ve seen micro-current explode onto the U.S. esthetics scene after a history of success in Europe and Asia.  A well kept celebrity secret for years, this technology is now available in many prestigious Destination, Resort, Hotel, Medical, and Day Spas across the United States. If you’re located in Orange County, visit Pelican Hill Resort where I would love to give you this treatment. For other locations and information contact Ageless Aesthetics.

Just think, four premier skin care technologies combine into a single system to create the most comprehensive treatments imaginable. What are you waiting for?

Four Seasons Beverly Hills, shows the Ultra Treatment for Extra

  • Sounds like knowing you is like being a star! 😉

    • Hope to give you a facial treatment one of these days Stacey! BTW, You were already a star before we met 😉

  • I need the machine! Can you get a mobile van and do housecalls Shannon?

    • Jeanette, I’m actually looking into doing just that! I’ll keep you posted. 😉

  • Rianna Riego

    Love the CACI machine… it is the best in its league for any spa.  The technology is current and proven and all encompassing!

  • Excellent info…………..fortunately for me I’m a natural beauty, but I’ll pass it on to Annie,

    • Send Annie to Pelican Hill anytime to see me Chris ;-))

  • So interesting. Thanks for sharing, Shannon! So many skin care tools I had no idea existed nor what they do!

  • Wish I had her money. I’d get a machine too and be all cool 😛

    • Or, for minimal cost, you could visit me at Pelican Hill and get it done as needed 😉

    • Or, for minimal cost, you could visit me at Pelican Hill and get it done as needed 😉

  • Spence Kimball

    Shannon you are the perfect face for thebeautysmith.com!

  • Sounds amazing, and a bit scary. I’ll just keep smiling and drinking water!

  • Gorgeous blog – and I want one of those treatments now!

    • Thanks Carol! To celebrate your book launch, you should come down to Pelican Hill and see me 😉

  • Damn I wish I was Jlo rich.

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